"You may find another contractor a little cheaper, but will it will mean a lower quality in the finished job?"

Clarence Macalister

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AS a builder and carpenter, I handle only a proportion of the “hands on” construction work. Bringing a project together requires a team of tradespeople- electrical, roofing, plumbing,  tiling and plastering  to name a few.


Coordination and customer focus is the key.


At IONIC CONSTRUCTION we use a network of professional subcontractors to bring the project together . You may find another contractor a little cheaper, but will their  quality and service meet your expectations? The contractors we use are:


• Qualified and professional


• Experienced


• Customer focused


By working with these subcontractors we can arrange and supply a range of specialist services and products, from traditional lathe-and-plaster and decorative cornice for original heritage buildings to the latest in-slab hydronic heating systems.



ABN: 21 773 449 825

MBA Green Living Builder - Accreditation CC 5453 W

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