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Structural repairs and remedial works

When it comes to buildings, there isn’t much we can’t fix. Over the years we’ve seen (and made good) a wide range of building horrors.


Whether the repairs are minor and cosmetic or major structural issues, we can fix it.


In most cases we can provide you with a price for the works before we start.


When the problems are large and complex, we work closely with engineers and other building professionals to work out the most effective way to address the problems- and prevent them from recurring.


Services include

• Repairs and rectification of sunken floors, dropped footings or foundations

• Repair or replacement of major structural components in the building

• Remedial works to address ventilation, leaks and dampness in walls, floor or roof areas

• Assessment and rectification of drainage issues in and around your home


Difficult access is no problem either. Whether it is getting dirty re-stumping your floor or working in a harness on your roof to fix that nuisance leak, we can do it.


ABN: 21 773 449 825

MBA Green Living Builder - Accreditation CC 5453 W

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