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Energy Efficiency

Would you buy car without asking about its fuel efficiency? Why renovate without a thorough understanding the ongoing heating costs over the life of the project.


We can transform your existing house into high performance energy efficient home. Using specialised materials and techniques, a typical existing house can be improved to at least 5 to 6 star energy efficiency- on par with the energy efficiency requirements for new buildings in Australia.


Most of the older character homes in the greater Launceston area have poor thermal performance. We can improve the comfort and lower the heating demands for these houses while still retaining the character and style of the building. Typically these improvements can reduce your heating costs by 50% or MORE.

As part of the building process we work closely with expert energy assessors so the performance of your project is not left to chance. WE can explain the impact of every aspect of the design on the energy efficiency of the final building.


Thermal mass, solar heat gain coefficient, thermal bridging and air leakage are the technical aspects of energy efficiency we deal with every day. Our thorough understanding of all aspects of energy efficiency is what sets us apart.


Whether you are creating a new house, renovating, remodelling or extending, there are always opportunities to increase the performance of the building.


Energy efficiency is only one aspect of a sustainable building. For more about the range of sustainable building options from IONIC CONSTRUCTION click here.


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